Selling Your Practice

Who you sell your practice to matters

Whether you’re looking to retire, rid yourself of the administrative burdens, or grow, we’ll present a tailored offer that moves you towards your path of choice.

Our business development team is seasoned, presenting offers within three days of gathering information and closing anywhere from 30 to 60 days after a letter of intent is signed.

Sell your practice to retire

There’s no singular template for running a successful dental practice. After all, every office’s needs are as unique as those who own them and the patients they serve. There’s so much to manage–payroll, recruiting and staffing, labor law, billing, collections, and accounting. A full clinical schedule while managing an office requires two full-time positions, which are usually done by dentists themselves. It’s a lot, but transitioning into retirement with Bright Direction Dental offers solutions on your terms.

Bright Direction Dental consists of a team of experts who are fully equipped to take over the non-clinical aspect of running a business while you continue to spend time delivering high quality patient care. By no longer having to worry about day-to-day logistics, you’ll have more time to focus on why you started practicing dentistry in the first place, all while maintaining the same level of clinical autonomy you’ve always had.
And there’s no need to worry about your branding. We know what your reputation means to you–you’ve built it over your entire career. That’s why we aim to honor your legacy by keeping your local branding in place while working alongside you to ensure that your staff and patients are treated with the same grace and respect as always.

Sell your practice to become a partner

You’ve built a successful dental practice and retirement is still many years away. But you feel the changing landscape of the dental field. Between rising costs, competition from larger groups, and lack of time to do it all, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, you don’t want to substantially reduce your income and take a step back as practice owner. That’s where partnering with Bright Direction Dental comes in.

Our centralized support team relieves you from many of the business tasks that are needed to run an office. Doing less administrative work may mean that you can finally make the changes to your office that you’ve always wanted to but never had the time. Or it may mean spending more time with your family. Regardless, we’ll collaborate with you to understand how we can improve your quality of life. And the benefits don’t stop there.
Bright Direction Dental offers a “shoulder-to-shoulder” ownership model in which dentists participate directly with investors. As such, doctors who partner with Bright Direction Dental gain the opportunity to own a portion of Bright Direction Dental. Instead of owning the entirety of one location, you’ll diversify your assets and own portions of every Bright Direction Dental office. Larger organizations can be valued at three to four times more than individual practices, so as Bright Direction Dental is financially rewarded, as a partner, so are you.

Ready to take your practice in a new direction?

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