Why Choose Us

A dedicated team that improves your practice through Deeper Relationships, Superior Support, and Brighter Smiles.


Deeper Relationships

Our goal is to create the same relationship depth with you and your team as you have with your patients. We take the time to get to know you and your goals in order to shape a path forward. Some dentists have hit a plateau and want a partner to help grow their practice. Others want a partnership to help relieve their administrative and financial burdens. Some want to partner to meet and collaborate with other reputable dentists who are looking to improve the world of oral healthcare. Whatever the reason, Deeper Relationships leads to deeper insights.

Superior Support

You didn’t get into dentistry to juggle the many hats required to be an entrepreneur. Our rapidly growing support team allows you to stop being the accountant, recruiter, marketer, IT manager, and regulatory attorney. Superior Support can’t be offered over long distances. That’s why we aim to partner and affiliate with local Midwest dentists.

Brighter Smiles

Deeper Relationships and Superior Support lead to Brighter Smiles. Moreover, being part of a group means eligible employees get access to a generous benefits package, including healthcare, matching 401(k), and paid time off. Expand your community beyond your four walls and interact with like-minded professionals who want to shape both Bright Direction Dental, as well as oral healthcare in America.

Ready to take your practice in a new direction?

Our team is ready when you are. Get in contact with us via phone, email, or schedule a time that’s convenient for you.