What will your future look like?

How long you want to keep practicing dentistry is a major factor in determining your unique path. No matter why you may be selling, you can receive immediate proceeds, improve your quality of life, and help ensure that your practice continues to head in the right direction.

Sell and become a partner

I plan to practice for more than 5 years

  • Become a true partner, own a portion of every Bright Direction Dental office, and share in the financial success as we grow
  • Improve your work/life balance by spending less time running a business
  • Collaborate with like-minded teammates, while helping shape our world-class support organization

Sell to retire

I plan to retire in less than 5 years

  • Spend less time running the business by handing over the administrative tasks to the Bright Direction Dental support team
  • Keep your clinical autonomy and continue to treat patients the way you always have
  • Preserve your legacy long after retirement

Three simple steps to sell...

We’re here to listen. We want to hear your story so we can craft an offer that’s tailored to your personal and professional goals.

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The future of your dental practice will remain in good hands

Why choose us?

We care as much as you do. Our support team is focused on supporting your needs, helping achieve your practice goals, and teaming with you to seek new ways to improve the patient experience.

Life with Bright Direction Dental

Whether choosing a path to grow or retire, you get more than proceeds for your practice-you get a team that is shoulder-to-shoulder with you every step of the way

Midwest support for Midwest dentists

The only way to deliver Superior Support for our Midwest dental practices is if we are physically in the Midwest. We’re not a zoom call away, but a call and a short drive. Being local matters.

A clear path forward for you and your dental practice.

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