These are some of the most common questions we get asked



Do I have to work more once I sell?

No, not unless you want to.

How quickly can you close?

Once our development team gathers some basic information, we’re able to finalize an offer within three business days. After that, we’ll schedule a meeting to present a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) in person. Once an LOI is signed, we can close the deal within 30-60 days.

How do you value my dental practice?

It starts with understanding the specifics of what you want. We ask many questions to reach a valuation. How much longer do you want to work? What’s the profitability of your practice? Where are you located? What’s your cultural alignment with Bright Direction Dental? All of these and more are factored into a valuation.

Are all support or dental partnership organizations similar?

Not at all. While it’s not in our nature to speak about other groups, we stick to what we’re good at – delivering on our mission: Deeper Relationships, Superior Support, Brighter Smiles.

What’s going to happen to my team after we close our deal?

Our aim is to leave the team intact, but we will formally discuss what makes the most sense together.

How long do I have to keep working if I’m thinking about retiring?

While you give up many of the administrative burdens immediately, how long you continue to practice chairside depends on your ideal timeline. However, in our minds, the longer you continue to practice, the better.

I’ve heard negative things about corporate (group) dentistry. How is this different?

Just because you may have heard something negative about a group doesn’t mean every dental support or dental partnership organization is the same. Bright Direction Dental is here to support you, your team, and your patients. A core tenet of our beliefs is if those three groups are taken care of, good things follow.

What changes in my practice?

We pride ourselves on transparency. If certain factors of your practice may change, we’ll tell you up front. These changes are always centered upon improving patient outcomes, improving your practice, and improving your life. We like to think of our process as change happening alongside you and your interests…not to you.

What states do you operate out of?

At this time we are actively looking for reputable general dental practices in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio.

Can you quickly tell me what my dental practice is worth?

Yes, simply connect with our development team. We will gather some basic information and can turn around an offer after three days of receiving the information.

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